Audio Visual

In this Division of Guild & Spence Electrical our focus is on whole home automation and believing in a “one stop shop”.

We are able to provide extensive automation packages that will cover all automation requirements for your home. You decide what you want and our audio visual experts will provide it for you.

This includes:

  • Automation
  • Lighting
  • TVs and multimedia
  • Multiroom sound
  • Blind control
  • Irrigation
  • Gates
  • Intercom Security

We believe early planning and consultation are fundamental in the process of home automation – with these you will have a home that will suit your every need.

Guild & Spence Electrical offer full audio visual and home automation services in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Hamilton and throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions. For more information about our audio visual services, contact our friendly staff.


We can create whole home automation by using C-Bus Control systems. This system gives you the ability to control your home like never before, it is simple to use and functional. C-Bus can control lights, open and close blinds, gates or louvers. It can also control irrigation systems and security systems.


Home lighting and landscape lights will never look better than with C-Bus. Various scenes can be programmed to turn on and dim lights to give you the exact subtle look or create an ideal ambiance that you want. The great advantage to using lighting automation is changes to lighting control are very simple.


Security lights on the C-Bus network can be switched on for a set time to help simulate a “lived in” appearance while you are away. Another feature that can be allowed for while programming into the C-Bus network is, in the case of a security alarm sensor being set off or a smoke detector activating – all the lights that are on automation can be brought on at 100% instantly. This will deter any would be thieves or light a path to vacate incase of fire. When all is clear and the alarm is switched off, the lights go back to a set level and all is back to normal.

Multiroom Sound

Multiroom Sound allows control of audiovisual devices in different parts of the home. This is done via keypads or wireless devices. This system can be set up so the whole household can listen to different music from various sources throughout the home – all at the same time.

Blind Control

C-Bus uses a touch screen for Blind Control. C-Bus can be set up to control the blinds and set different levels for different situations e.g. in the media room when a movie starts – the blinds will close, and when movie ends – the blinds will open.

TVs & Multimedia

We can future proof houses with the integration of audio, visual and data technology; this will enable TVs to connect to the world using different multimedia systems.


Gates can be set up so they can open automatically when you are leaving, and when you return home you can use a remote to open the gate, turn on driveway lights or water features.


The use of intercoms in your house can be used to open gates, or can be used at the front door to communicate and allow access at point of entry.

Irrigation Control

Schedules for irrigation are made possible with C-Bus to help cut energy costs. Each night an automation system can turn sprinklers on for half an hour, but if it’s raining the irrigation control system will not turn on.