Rural & Water Pumps

Guild & Spence Electrical Ltd has had vast experience over the last 30 years with water pumps.

We have wired in excess of 2000 submersible bore pumps alone. These pumps are installed for fresh drinking water for rural homes, farms and irrigation for orchards. Pumping systems from rivers and springs are also another specialty of ours with many of these systems installed over 30 years. We work in with Steve Miller Rural Services and Richards Repairs on our pumping systems.

For more information about our Rural & Water Pump Services, contact our friendly staff.

Frost Protection and Irrigation

Guild & Spence Electrical Ltd has been heavily involved in the frost protection of orchards by using the overhead sprinkler method in the Bay of Plenty for at least 12 years. In that time we have installed in excess of 200 frost systems mainly for the Kiwifruit and Avocado industry.

All of our frost systems we have been involved with have been overhead sprinkler systems.

We work in with Steve Miller Rural Services to install all the pumping, temperature and alarm monitoring controls and systems.

We carry out annual frost protection service checks on the systems that we have installed when required. This is a very important service we provide as we can often pick up faults and potential faults with systems before the frost season starts.

Geothermal Heating

Guild & Spence Electrical Ltd has had 30 years experience in heating home’s, pool’s, spa’s, public pool’s, school’s and rest home’s using geothermal water from hot water bores.

We work in with the well driller, pump supplier and plumbers to design the most efficient use of your geothermal water.

In a domestic situation we can often heat the house, spa pool and swimming pool all at the same time. This is a huge saving in your energy bill.

We will design the system and organize the other trades people to do their specialized work when required.

We work with various companies including Steve Miller Rural Services for pumps and heat exchangers, Ewen Cameron for well drilling and Clyde Andrews Plumbing for underfloor heating.